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General Questions

A. Anyone in the Equestrian Industry looking for a job or an employee anywhere in the world.
A. Employers register and choose from our selection of subscriptions to advertise their vacancy/ies. Registered employers have total control over their adverts and account and are able to choose how they would like to be contacted: email, phone, private messaging system or they can display their contact details on their job advert.

Jobseekers register for free to create an account. Jobseekers have total control over their account and can upload videos, CV/Resume and photos to their jobseeker profile. They can choose how they would like to be contacted: email, phone or private messaging system but they cannot display their contact details on their public profile.

A. Our site is free for Jobseekers to register, search and contact registered Employers.

Employers are required to select and pay for a subscription before they are able to advertise and contact Jobseekers.

A. You do not need to register to search our database for Jobs or search and view the profiles of Jobseekers.

Jobseekers may need to register to contact some employers who have chosen to keep their contact details private.

Employers will need to register and purchase a subscription to post a job and/or contact registered Jobseekers.

A.No. This is reflected in our charges. We believe that you, the Employer, are in the best place to select the right candidates for your horses and team which is why we make as much information available about the Jobseeker as possible.
A. All Jobseekers have a facility in their account to upload their references, CV/resume and photos. However, we cannot guarantee all Jobseekers will upload them for different reasons but most will provide them upon request.
A. No, unless in exceptional circumstances. There is a reason for this though! Because job adverts become immediately visible on the site and/or jobseeker access is immediate upon payment of subscription, we have no way of telling whether or not contact has been made and our contract is fulfilled once payment has been received.
A. Please contact us directly if you are an agency so that we can discuss terms. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.
A.Some Jobseekers, particularly those from most non EU countries, require a visa. We do not issue visas. The Jobseeker must apply to the embassy/consulate in their own country, of the country they are going to. This process usually takes around 2 weeks. Some applications can take longer especially if they are asked to sit a second interview. The employer will need to provide any supporting documentation to the Jobseekers before the Jobseeker makes her/his application.
A. The Jobseeker's account status is shown at the top of their profile page. If the Jobseeker has been placed or is no longer looking for a job their Account Status will show Placed or Not looking.

Sometimes a Jobseeker can forget to update their status. Should you contact a Jobseeker and they have already found a job then please contact support so that we can update their status on their behalf.

The Signed-In, Recent Sign-Ins and Unread Msgs fields of the profile's Status provide a good indication of whether a Jobseeker is still looking.

Signed-In shows when the Jobseeker last signed into their account, Recent Sign-Ins shows the number of times the Jobseeker signed in, in the last 14 days and Unread Msgs shows the number of unread messages in the Jobseeker's Inbox.

A. To use our site you must have a browser that has cookies and javascript enabled. The site has been tested on most popular browsers. Always ensure that you use the most uptodate version of your browser. If you have a browser issue using this site please contact support.
A. Upon completion of your registration an account activation code will be sent to the email address you provided in your registration. The email should arrive within a couple of minutes. Please check your Junk/Spam folder before contacting us as sometimes our emails can be incorrectly interpreted as junk/spam. If you have entered the wrong email address in your registration please sign in to your account using the wrong email address and then click the Sign In Details link on the Account Home page. You can then request the code again to the new email address.

This rosette appears on jobseeker profiles that have completed the majority of their profile, such as equine experience, C.V, photos, and other information.

The rosette will appear on jobseeker's search listings so you can quickly find the jobseekers with complete profiles.

To get a rosette on your jobseeker profile visit your account page and it will tell you what you need to add to your profile to get your rosette.


1. Does your job listing have a thumbnail/photos? - Jobseekers are more likely to view your job listings when it has a thumbnail and or photos. Jobseekers like to see exactly where they will be working, the horses/people they will be working with, and any additional photos of accommodation or extras that come with the job.

2. When did you last update your job listing? - If you have had your job listing on YardandGroom for a while and have not updated it, it might be buried at the bottom of the search results. To fix this go to your account page, select Jobs, and then click reset next to the job you'd like to reset. Resetting a job will set its stat counters to 0 and bump it up to the top of search results.

3. Still not sure what to do? - We are always happy to help with your job listing. Please contact us via our support page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Send us a message on our support page here, or contact us directly on our social media pages. We post jobs regularly on Facebook and Instagram.

Signing In

A. Please click on Forgotten your Password and a password reset email will be sent to you.
A. If you do not have a YardandGroom account you must register first.

Please check carefully that you have entered your email address and password correctly. Your email address should MUST BE the correct case. If your password is incorrect use forgotten password to have a password reset email sent to you.

To use this site you must have Cookies and Javascript enabled.

Searching the database

A. Use Jobseeker search to search our database of Jobseekers or Job Search to search our database of jobs.
A. This can happen when you have specified too many or too few criteria in your search. If you get too few records being returned try removing some of the filters and re-run the search. Click Reset to remove all search filters. If you get too many profiles being returned try adding some new filters.


A. See our Rates page.
A.Please make sure you enter your card details in correctly. Unfortunately, we have no control over acceptance of payment and if your payment is still declined, please contact your card issuer/bank.
A.Yes, PayPal is our payment merchant. You can pay via your PayPal account, or, you can pay via credit/debit card or bank to bank.
A. No, unless your Subscription has expired in which case you will have to renew.
A.If you have used a credit card, membership is immediate. (But if it is not showing in your account, just sign out and then sign back in again). However, if you are paying by cheque we do have to wait 3 days for clearance. Bank to bank can take upto 4 days, but usually less than a day if sent from a UK bank.
A. Please just sign out of your account and then sign back in again. But if it still doesn’t work please contact support.

Your Account

A. Use the Account link found at the very top right of the page. Sign in first if you are not already signed in.
A. Select Profile from your account page.
A. Select Profile and then Photos from your account page.
A. Select Profile and then Documents from your account page.
A. Select Sign In Details from your account page.

A feature is a way of getting more users to view your profile. A feature is a box containing your personal message and thumbnail that automatically appears on the left or right columns of the website. These are available to purchase by Employers and Jobseekers.

See our Rates page for prices.

A.Spotlights are available to Employers only. A Spotlight is a special advert of your job vacancy and takes precedence over everything else on our Homepage. Spotlighted jobs also benefit from a Facebook campaign. See our Rates" page for prices.

Spotlights: visit your account page and click 'Homepage Spotlights', from here, select the job you would like to spotlight and then select the type of spotlight that is included in your subscription. Click the continue button and it will skip payment and activate your spotlight.

Features: visit your account page and click 'Featured Jobs', from here either click on 'New Feature' and create your feature, or click 'Continue' on an existing feature. Once on the 'Buy Feature' page select the type of feature that is included in your subscription and then click the continue button and it will skip payment and activate your feature.

Important: it may take up to 30 minutes for your spotlight or feature to appear on the homepage or search results.

A. Your profile automatically becomes Inactive if you do not sign in to your account for more than 30 days. To change your account status back to Active simply sign in to your account. Your status will then be updated automatically.
A. You can stop your profile/job listings from appearing in the results of database searches by going to Privacy Settings from your account page and changing the Your Jobs/Profile privacy setting.
A. When you have found a job or are no longer looking for one then you should update your Job Status on your account page to Placed or Not looking. This will inform other employers who read your profile that you are no longer looking for a job.
A. When a Jobseeker/Yard wants to contact you they will be shown the contact details that you have allowed them to see. This can be either one of your home/work/mobile numbers or messages sent to your private Inbox/Email address. To change which method they can use update your Privacy Settings on your account page.



These flags are to help you organise your inbox messages by importance. To flag a message tap or click the flag next to the message and select the type of flag in the drop-down box.

Click on a flag at the top of the window to view only messages with that flag. Click the grey flag to show all messages.