Quick Facts

  1. 1 We're Number One. We are the leading online equestrian job hosting site in Europe and the world.
  2. 2 We have the most jobs. We have more equestrian jobs than anyone else on the net.
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  5. 5 We're sophisticated. We are constantly updating our site, use powerful servers and the very latest in website technology.
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  7. 7 We try harder. If you have any suggestions about how we can be better, let us know and we will do our best to implement your ideas.
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About Us

YardandGroom is a global recruitment website, a world leader in its field; the equine industry.

As passionate horse lovers ourselves, we have mixed this with our business background to create a cohesive family run enterprise over the last twenty years. Our large clientbase provides a huge pool of possibilities in which both sectors of jobseekers and employers can search, powered by our unique and in-house designed website.

We are ever expanding, operating worldwide and are very proud to be seeing repeat registrants to our site with stories of employment success.

Our aim was always, and continues to be, to create a place online for professional horse people to secure a fulfilling, enjoyable place of work and for employers to find staff efficiently and at a reasonable cost so believe we offer superb value for money. We are thrilled to see those aims achieved over and over again at Yard and Groom.