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  • Private Yard seeking experienced groom

    Country loving groom required for private yard, owners horses and staff horses only. Applicant must be reliable, conscientious, hard working, dedicated and trustworthy. Duties include: mucking out, grooming, tack cleaning, turning horses in and out etc. Stabled horses, with all duties shared between grooms. Own horse welcome, ample opportunity to ride him/her. Shared centrally heated cottage accommodation. 5.5 day week - full time. Standard holiday entitlement.

  • Experienced part-time groom/ stable hand

    Experienced, mature part-time groom sought Tuesday-Friday 7.30am - 11.30am approx., for private, high performance dressage yard located 10 mins from Hartpury College.

WHAT WE DO: My name is Marilyn Usibelli. I own and run Black Diamond Resort. We have been in business since 1995 and continue to grow and improve Our operations each season. We have a fantastic place located 10 miles from The Denali National Park Entrance. We have a very unique and fun business And are looking for adventurous, motivated people to join our team. We hire Approximately 70 people each summer. We have a fantastic Restaurant, a 9 hole golf course, 18 hole mini golf course, a horse drawn Covered wagon ride, and guided ATV tours. We have a very exciting business With a great working environment! If you are looking for a fun summer job, we are the right place! HOW WE GOT STARTED: In 1995 my sister and I each had $2500 and a bunch of Land. We decided to Build a driving range. With the help of our parents, the next year, we Opened 5 golf holes and we had an "on your honor can" to pay $12! The year After that we purchased a building And we had no electricity or running water.... Can you believe that! The Year after that we got electric, water, and opened our first restaurant with A Coleman stove and an outside barbecue grill! Last season we had over 40000 People come through our doors! It has been an unbelievable adventure for us. This position carries an enormous responsibility as you are responsible for the saftey of guests & horses. A very high degree of professionalism, confidence, knowledge, excellent communication, customer service, and multi-taking skills are required. This is a very fun job as well where you have an opportunity to talk with guests and help make their Alaskan Vacation memorable and special. In addition to driving the team you can mix up your work week by doing another job at Black Diamond such as ATV guiding, Serving, Cooking, CDL Bus Driver, Chef.. there are a lot of options. Please contact me for more information.

The Job

Job No
Teamster / Draft Horse Covered Wagon Driver - May 10Th, 2014 - September 20Th, 2014
Dude Ranch/Wrangler; Groom-General; Harness/Driving; Nanny/Housekeeping; Ranch Hand/Cattle; Retail & Sales; Handyman;
Work type
Temporary; Permanent; Contract;
Work time
Full-time; Part-time;
$8 per hour plus tips, often mid season raise
Bring own horse
Training available
from Saturday, May 10, 2014 to Sunday, September 21, 2014
3 months ago

The Employer

Employer No
Guest Employer 100717
Alaska, United States US flag
Facility type
Other; Conditioning/Handling;


Ability to remain positive in stressful situation lift and carry 50 lbs required Professional & clean appearance required Previous experience or education in performing arts strongly preferred Excellent Customer Service Skills Safe at all times

Required Key Skills

Driving license;

Required Expertise



We have single rooms for $10 per day and that includes all utilities and some supplies. We also offer places to park campers or RV's and that is $5 per day or we have smaller travel trailers for rent. Access to nice kitchens & laundry is available.

Job Benefits

Some benefits we offer: Job performance Bonuses, inexpensive housing, free golf, mini golf, covered wagon rides, atv tours, end of season party; also our employees get to go white water rafting for free, as well as flightseeing, fishing, hiking

The Facility

WHAT WE DO: We have been in business since 1996 and continue to grow and improve our operations each season. We have a fantastic place located 10 miles from The Denali National Park Entrance. We have a very unique and fun business And are looking for adventurous, motivated people to join our team. We hire Approximately 70 people each summer. We have a horse drawn Covered wagon ride tour where you drive the team to an awesome remote pavillion where an outdoor feast is served. We also run a great restaurant, a golf course, mini golf course, & guided ATV tours. We have a very exciting business with a great working environment! Our Teamster position is a fun outdoor position! You also can train in other positions. The trails are fantastic, the view is unbeatable, and you get to work with great people in the Alaskan Wilderness! Wild animal sightings are a regular and the midnight sun is something everyone should get the chance to expereince.


driving license; groom-general; working student; manager-general; secretarial/admin; management; manager-yard; public relations; sales/marketing; communications; dude ranch/wrangler; farm office staff; job; united states; farm maintenance; foreman/assist.mngr; ranch hand/cattle; working couple/team; other; driving; harness/driving; housekeeper/groom; handyman; retail & sales; manager-ranch; nanny/housekeeping; alaska; security; 109201;
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  • Hunt Groom for MFH North Yorkshire

    Private, family yard Strong rider/grafter required 7 hunters in work Opportunity to hunt

  • Eventing Professional Wanted !

    Come demonstrate your elite small barn management skills, grooming expertise, talents with training and conditioning event and hunt horses/ponies along with your love of teaching in this unique private farm position.