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  • Head Groom/Yard Manager

    International Dressage Yard needs highly experienced Groom. Possibily some riding for the right person

  • Part time grooms

    International Dressage yard needs experienced part time groom/s.. Possibly some riding for the right person

We have an African Horse Sickness outbreak 45km's from the centre, if your interest lies with research maybe you could help. We sold a magnificent Percheron stallion two years ago he went to Kei Mouth and died on the 4th of Jan, they are loosing lots of good horses in the area and can't do anything about it, if you think it's worth while contact me. We've lost two horses in the last week waiting for lab results of blood tests. Come help with 42 horses at a well known SA Rehab Centre we desperately need an equine dentist and a farrier for the rest of the year, work for a week and join us for a week of fun. If you're English it's called a 'busmans holiday'!!! If you're qualified in any of these professions you can really help our horses and at the same time visit our beautiful country. Don't expect to find a surgery or anything elaborate we work on the basics, we're just two girls trying to make a difference to the animal abuse in this country. We have 'Horses working for Horses' what we rescue and rehab here works for the less fortunate doing beach trails go to our website for more details. We really need your help for 'all creatures great and small' especially now!!!.

The Job

Job No
Equine Farrier, Dentistry, Vet
Blacksmith/Dentist; Rider-English; Vet.-Vet; Volunteer;
Work type
Work time
work for your holiday
Bring own horse
Training available
1 year ago

The Employer

Employer No
Cintsa Horses And Newhampshire Equine Rehab Centre
East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa ZA flag
Facility type
Private; Holiday/Hacking Centre; Other; Breeding/Foaling; Training; Conditioning/Handling;


We need your help at our rehab centre, if you're a farrier, dentist or vet I've loads of space. If you are comeing to SA on holiday stop off and work on our 43 horses, 80% of them are rescued. We also rescue donkeys and any animal in need and try and get them to have trust in us humans, us humans are usually the ones who caused the problems in the first place. A weeks work for a weeks holiday if you're enjoying yourself stay on longer just, chip in for some food or give us a small donation.

Required Key Skills

Riding; Driving license; Handling Youngstock; Schooling; Lunging; Exercising;

Required Expertise

Driving; Trekking;


Accommodation is not 5***** but the company is priceless. We stay on a farm in the Eastern Cape you would be staying at the farm either in cottage or rondavel, if you want a tent we can provide or sleep under the stars. If your a dentist you can help with 43 horses and 7 donkeys from all different backgrounds. Take a look on Facebook or Youtube to see some of our horses just put in Cintsa Horses, have a look at our posotive feedback here on Yard and Groom.

Job Benefits

We'll pick you up from the airport, provide full board and lodging for two weeks if you will help us in these fields for one week. Lots of things to do ride next to the Indian Ocean on some of the nicest horses you will ever meet, not to mention all the other fun things in the area.The best part is the satisfation of helping our equine friends and seeing the changes you have helped us make. We rescued a t/bred last week 16h's and 426kg's take a look at 'facebook' to see her shocking state.

The Facility

'Take A Ride On The Wild Side'. We desperately need volunteers for 2014. You want to eat, sleep and breathe horses watch dolphins and whales in the Indian Ocean this is the place to be. We've been running trails for 15 years and the rehab centre for 12, trails on the beach next to the Indian Ocean is an income for the rescue centre. "Horses Working for Horses", most of our trail horses are previously rescued, abused theywork for the other guys. All our trail horses are turned out in their social groups, we have 17 working horses the other 27 at the centre in rehab, or traiining. Your financial contribution as a volunteer covers food and accom, helps rescue horses, vets bills for the injured and help for the retired, medication, farrier and dentist. Often we pay owners be able to rescue some horses. Bypass the agents, spend time riding the beach or working with youngsters and oldies, we need you guys plus the extra hands to keep us going.


driving license; equine first-aid; handling youngstock; riding; trekking; rider-english; job; volunteer; driving; south africa; vet.-vet; blacksmith/dentist; eastern cape; 114234;

Jobseeker Feedback

  • After being in Cintsa for 2 months end of 2011, I just couldn't stay away so I decided to go back for another 4 months from mid January till mid May. You are part of the family right away, everybody is just so friendly and open. But the best part are the horses! Every horse is different and unique. When you volunteer here it doens't feel like you are working. You have so much fun every day, and not a day is the same. One day you are chasing horses that have broken out of a field (Sometimes not even your own..) the next day you are rescuing a new horse. Besides mixing feed, feeding, grooming, and other chores, the horsie ladies can take you for trips to kiss Abby the tame giraffe, cuddle baby lions and go for a drive to Butterworth to fetch horse feed! The best part for me will always be the beach trails! I absolutely LOVE them. I couln't get enough of cantering down a wide open beach and jumping over logs! I recommend this place to everybody with a passion for horses, once you are there, you will not want to leave! (especially when you see how pretty Demo is! ;)) And if my comment hasn't convinced you to go, check out one of my videos! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rmo4oSI-nIs&list=UU7eWPFDCvG8291aCKebM3zQ&index=2&feature=plcp

    Lei Li Dwars 6/17/2012
  • Wonderful people in a wonderful place, for a wonderful work with horses. These girls work with passion, professionalism and experience. For all kind of riders, an amazing experience. Please, help them; you really won't regret it. Thank you very much to be so lovely Alix

    Alix Neyrand 12/29/2011
  • If you are at all considering this project, I must wholeheartedly say, please go ahead and do it - you will not regret it!! I spent two months with Georgie, Penny and Asha and their extended horse family in early 2010 and it was, without a doubt, one of the best experiences of my life. The horses are all so special and each has their own story (many of them heartbreaking) and to see all their different characters shine through now they in the safe hands of the girls is just immense. It is, however, the girls themselves that make this project unique and all that it is - for all the stress and heartbreak that come with running a rehab centre such as this, Georgie, Penny and Asha are three of the most positive, friendly and fun girls that I have had the privilege to meet - they made my experience unforgettable! In terms of experience with horses (which, of course, is always welcome!) it is by no means a prerequisite - a passion for horses is the only requirement and the girls (and their seemingly never ending supply of patience) will make sure that you achieve whatever it is you set out to do when you left for South Africa, be that regain some lost confidence or gain experience in breaking in youngsters. I could say so much more, but, with my limited word count, I hope that I have shared enough of my awesome time at Cintsa Horses to give you an idea of what it's all about!

    Emma Metcalfe 3/26/2010
  • Un séjour génial, des gens adorables toujours présents et comptant sur vous même si vous ne maîtrisez pas la langue. ( ont déjà accueillis une personne ne parlant pas un mot d'anglais ) Une grande ferme occupée par une petite famille très soudée. Pas besoin d'être un grand cavalier même s'ils en auraient grand besoin pour débourrer leurs jeunes chevaux. Lovely people in a lovely place. An experience unforgettable in this beautiful country. My only regret: that the time is too quickly spent.

    Laurent Olivier 11/22/2009
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  • Centre Manager South Bucks RDA

    An exciting opportunity has arisen at South Bucks RDA, Fulmer for a Centre Manager/Instructor. An enthusiastic hands-on leader with a keen interest in dressage to develop our staff, volunteers and riders. SBRDA enables people with physical, sensory and learning difficulties, of all ages and levels of ability to enjoy riding and horse activities for Therapy, Recreation and Sport. Accommodation available 48 hr working week 4 weeks holiday per year. Salary dependent on experience BHS/RDA

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